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Contributed to Patagonia project.
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Rural families empowered to date.
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Hectares we are working to protect.
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Tons of waste we have recovered to date.
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Impact in Patagonia

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This section aims to show you the impact that happens with part of the income we receive from your purchase.

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Whenever you choose a Karün product, you are contributing in the protection of the Valleys of Cochamó and Puelo river (Northern Patagonia) through a 4-year programme with more than 600 rural entrepreneurs and their families.

This programme is developed in collaboration with our friends from Balloon Latam.
The monetary contribution to this project to date has been of $280.000 USD.

In Karün we believe that a natural place with an empowered community and an economy that depends on the conservation of the environment is a place more likely to be conserved.

Through this programme, tools are delivered for the sustainable development of people and communities of Cochamó, taking into account their local reality, cultural and geographical conditions and possibilities of productive growth, while empowering and training change agents and social leaders.

Balloon Latam is a social enterprise and certified B Corp that catalyzes the growth and development of Latin American communities.
Toward a shift in the way they relate, the seek to find better collective answers to the challenges the communities face and boost sustainable development across the region.
Today they operate in Chile, Argentina and Mexico.

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Cochamó is a commune in Northern Patagonia comprised of 390.800 hectares.
With a population of 4.023 people.

68% of its land represents forests and 99% of it is native. It fosters more than 138 fauna species and they have found “huemules”, a type of deer from the Andes that is in danger of extinction.

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Protecting nature through local communities

At Karün we have a commitment: To Love, Protect, and Enjoy Nature.

Every day we work to nourish our commitment with real actions, and so those actions inspire other people too.

Today we want to tell you about a powerful initiative towards that commitment...


Karün and the Sustainable Development Goals

In 2015, the UN created the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, a plan of action to shift the world onto a sustainable and resilient path, thanks to this the sustainable development goals were born. Want to know how are we contributing to the SDGs more specifically?


Our first year in Cochamó: this are our conclusions so far

At Karün we have a commitment: To Love, Protect, and Enjoy Nature.

Every day we work to nourish our commitment with real actions, and so those actions inspire other people too.

Today we want to tell you about a powerful initiative towards that commitment...


Thanks to our strategic partners who make this possible:

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Living in Patagonia has shown us how tough nature can be and that has served us as a goal to make our products strong enough to withstand it.

Nevertheless, if you do have any problem with your product, here some key information to guide you through the process and find the best solution for you.

Manufacturing defaults

Warranty on manufacturing default, solution is 100% on us.
Manufacturing defaults are covered for a period of 1 full year, offering free exchange or repair.
Just continue the following process so we can identify your problem and provide you with a quick solution.
* Don't worry, we cover the return costs!

Returns & exchanges

Not happy with your product?
We have a 30-day policy for exchange, return and refund, no questions asked!
* Don't worry, we cover the return costs!

* We only need your receipt or anything you have to backup your purchase in Direct Karün platforms.

End of life? let’s close the cycle

If and when the sunglasses meet the end of their life, we encourage you to send them back so we can avoid new plastic waste. In return, we will give you a 25% discount for any new pair of Karün sunglasses.

Thanks to our partners who make this possible:

Instead of a linear and extractive production process, we are working hard to build our entire value chain under a circular, restorative and regenerative model.

That is what we call our 
Karün Conscious Development Model ™

It's "simple"... How?

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How we actually do it:

Karün Conscious Development Model ™

Karün Collectors Development

It starts with the Karün Collectors, they gather different types of waste that affect our natural ecosystem. Then, they sell the waste to us (fishing nets and metal) which generates an additional source of income for them to expand their own micro-businesses. We accompany them throughout the process so they can learn to manage their time and resources while applying this knowledge to their own personal projects. This way the Karün Collectors do not depend on waste to thrive.

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Circular Production Process

Long story short: we send the discarded waste we receive from Karün collectors to our recycling partners. The waste is transformed into our signature raw material and sent to our manufacturer partners in Italy and Turkey where our high quality frames are created. We are compensating the residual carbon emissions produced by our operations and logistics, making us a CarbonNeutral® Company. If and when the sunglasses meet the end of their life, we encourage our customers to send them back so we can avoid new plastic waste. In return, we give them a discount for any new pair of Karün sunglasses.

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Regeneration & Conservation

With the income we receive from sales of our products we are funding an exciting 4-year programme with over 600 rural entrepreneurs in Cochamó and Puelo River Valley (Northern Patagonia); people know this place as “the Yosemite from South America”. This programme was developed together with our social partner Balloon Latam and it aims to contribute to the protection of 400.000 hectares of pristine nature through the work with the local community.

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Meet Pedro!

Pedro is one of our Karün Impact Leaders, in charge of collecting fishing nets and ropes from Patagonia.


Meet Nacho!

Nacho is an Impact Leader as well, collecting and growing his fishing nets collection!


Thanks to our partners who make this possible

We are trying to build a model that takes care of the impact it generates through the whole process.
That is why we must measure as much as we can, so we can understand how we are perfomorming and where to improve.

B Corp

B Corps are responsible companies where success is not only measured by revenue or shareholder earnings. The key drivers for these companies and how they measure success are the wellbeing of people, society and nature. The profitability for these organizations depends on the social role they play in society and if they manage to make their business an ethical one.

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Carbon Neutral ®

We decided to measure and compensate the residual carbon emissions that contribute to global warming, making us a CarbonNeutral® Company and thereby further strengthening our environmental commitments.

See CO2 Report
See Carbon Neutral Certification
Read Carbon Neutral Blogpost

10X Certified

10x it's a movement that started in Chile following the social outbreak on October 2019. This movement aims to inspire companies to share the value they generate in the most equitable way possible. This seal identifies companies that pledge to improve lower wages and strive to reduce the wage gap to a maximum of 10X.


We are proud to be collaborating with ECONYL® brand for the recycling of our plastic waste collection. Thanks to this unique knowledge and high-end technology it is possible to regenerate the nylon recovered by our local rural collectors in Patagonia together with other discarded nylon, into the highest quality standards in the market, with the same technical features from virgin plastic, but made out of 100% recycled materials.

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FSC Certified

The carboard we use to pack our products is made out of recycled carborard FSC Mix certified (Forest Stewardship Council, FSC™). This means that the wood comes from FSC certified forests, recycled materials or controlled wood.

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Intertek Certified

Our cases are made from recycled leather, certified by Intertek in compliance with the GRS standard. The leather is made of at least 70% recycled leather.

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Control Union

Our cleaning cloths are made from 100% recycled post-consumer PET, certified by Control Union in compliance with the GRS standard.
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Thanks to our partners who make this possible: