Which lens to choose?

Copper vs. Gray?

Copper-colored crystals enhance brightness and are commonly used for medium-low light conditions. These tints block blue light and highlight contrast and depth perception, making them good for cloudy, hazy, or hazy days.

Gray crystals are the most versatile, since they less alter the perception of colors and are suitable for all kinds of situations. Gray lenses reduce eye fatigue, making them ideal for driving.

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Category 3 or Category 4?

Category 3 crystals allow between 8% and 18% of light rays to pass through. They are great for outdoor physical activities, hiking, driving, or your daily chores. For its part, category 4 glasses are special for situations of luminosity higher than normal.

They are recurrently darker, allowing only 3% to 8% of the sun's rays to pass through, making them even unsuitable for driving.

They are designed for more extreme situations such as being in the sea for several hours or climbing high mountains, where snow abounds and the sun has no natural barriers