World Environment Day

We are all nature
Learn more about this emblematic date that invites us to evaluate our contribution to the ecosystem and how to celebrate it..

World Environment Day: the perfect opportunity to reflect upon our connection with nature.

Learn more about this emblematic date that invites us to evaluate our contribution to the ecosystem and how to celebrate it.

In what ways do you help the environment? You may not have asked yourself this question or you don’t really think about it, but the truth is that each of our acts has repercussions on the environment and since 1972, the "World Environment Day", a special date established by the General Assembly of the United Nations so that we reflect and become more aware of how we can conserve and improve the conditions of our planet, as well as understand the responsibility of every person, company and organization.

Photo: Pía Vergara 

"Man is both the work and maker of the environment that surrounds him, which gives him the material sustenance and gives him the opportunity to develop intellectually, morally, socially, and spiritually. In the long and tortuous evolution of the human race on this planet a stage has been reached in which, thanks to the rapid acceleration of science and technology, man has acquired the power to transform, in countless ways and on an unprecedented scale, all that surrounds it, "says the United Nations, which has a 2030 agenda for sustainable development and thus ensure long-term protection of the planet and its natural resources. 

The date of celebration has acquired such importance that it motivates multiple activities around the world to cooperate for a more sustainable environment. It is not strange that on June 5 you meet people on the streets celebrating nature, organizing recycling campaigns and that there is even an ecological concert in your city.

Each year a host country and the special theme are chosen to celebrate the World Environment Day; this year is "connecting people with nature", and the headquarter is Canada, who has an important natural heritage which will be openly available to get to know since this country will open its doors free of charge to all its national parks during this year. Not bad to know the great Banff National Park declared a World Heritage Site, right?

 Photo: Matt Thomason - Unsplash

As for the theme chosen, the connection of people with nature is a perfect invitation to go outdoors and inspire us with the natural beauty of our surroundings and thus look for the way to integrate ourselves with nature and understand how much we depend on it because we need the water and soil fertility to live and it is necessary to think about the damage that is generated by pollution, climate change and overexploitation of it.

The UN seeks by this date that people can become active agents of sustainable development, so the invitation is made to reflect on environmental issues, go for a walk, lose yourself in the mountains, admire a natural landscape and if you do not count with natural spaces in your neighborhood, it’s a good opportunity to watch documentaries or movies, such as the much-acclaimed "Before the flood" by National Geographic, led by Leonardo Di Caprio.

Let us be conscious of our surroundings and the way we interact with each species every living being on this planet.
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